Welcome to the 2016 RZIM Summer Institute Online at Georgia Tech!

The online version of the RZIM Summer Institute is a unique opportunity for you or your group to participate in our week of study conducted by RZIM speakers and multiple adjunct lecturers.

For 2016, our theme is “This We Believe: Living the Gospel with Courage and Conviction.”

At the Summer Institute, we will share how the RZIM team gains critical insights into our culture and how they engage an increasingly secular world both on a popular and an academic level. We hope to train you in not just what a Christian approach to life looks like, but also how to grow as a Christian for the long-term.

What’s Included

  • Live stream of general RZIM Summer Institute sessions
  • Archived audio and video of the 2016 Summer Institute sessions
  • Complete MP3 archive (over 20 additional talks) of all of the Summer Institute sessions (soon after the conference is over)
  • A downloadable PDF of the entire participant guide