Participant Feedback:

“Highly recommend! From the intellectually challenging messages to the incredible organization of the Summer Institute, I can think of no other conference that I would recommend so highly. I know people expressed the higher cost of the Summer Institute, but even as a recent graduate with little extra cash, I can say from the bottom of my heart that it was worth every, and I mean every, single penny.”


“The variety of speakers and topics was phenomenal, not to mention the fantastic food, emcee, worship team, and all the attention to detail–this program was flawless!


“Anyone can stay at home and YouTube a Video of RZIM, but to be in attendance, you can experience that the whole RZIM team walks in genuine integrity. I was deeply touched by the messages and love here.”


“I am moved not only by the intelligence and articulateness of every presenter, but also by their availability and openness to all of us. RZIM’s dedication to exploring the nature of truth, to giving a reasoned defense of Christianity, and to emphasizing the historicity of the Bible is impressive and inspiring. As a direct result of my participation at this summer’s institute, I am greatly encouraged regarding the truth of the Gospel message and motivated to continue my own study so that I, too, may express a winsome and clear “reason for the hope within me.” Thank you, RZIM, for sharing your time, your minds and your hearts!”


“Practical, easy-to-understand topics that provide substantial deepening of your Christian relationship with God and others without a ton of theological jargon and with no elitism or sectarianism. Straight-to-the-core growth in how to listen to others more intentionally, ask clarifying questions more effectively and then empathize better to present truth and lift them up to an experience with Jesus Christ.”


“Not only did meet many new friends in Christ from across this country, I was wonderfully challenged to defend my faith in Jesus to others. I was truly humbled to be in the presence of so many scholars from around the world who were so willing to defend their faith with such conviction.”


Only on rare occasions have I experienced this depth of Christian fellowship with those I have known for such a short time. At the end of the conference I felt like I had just experienced a little taste of eternity. I am so excited to attend the conference next year!”


What a fabulous institute this was! Everything was of the highest caliber possible. I have come away not only with the desire to learn more, but also with a deep appreciation for the way the people involved with RZIM, whether on staff or invited speakers, invest their time, intellect and, indeed, whole life into the mission of reaching people for Christ.”


“The Summer Institute was one of the best events of my life. The content was rich in knowledge and spiritual depth and the speakers and staff were not only amazing teachers and helpers, but extremely humble, prayerful and approachable. I know without a doubt God has used it and will continue to use it to reach me and grow me in a deeper way spiritually, mentally and emotionally and compel me to continually stretch and grow in my faith and walk with Him and take my place in the Kingdom, to not only defend it as truth but to reach out to others who don’t yet know Him.”


From an online participant: “I have enjoyed the teaching of RZIM ministries for years however I have never had the opportunity to attend these conferences in person. This has been something I’ve wanted to do but I simply couldn’t afford to travel due to other commitments. Being able to attend virtually was a thrill and helped me feel a part of the larger Christian community that enjoys searching for answers.