Stuart McAllister: Human, Really Human

John Njoroge: Humanity in the Kingdom of God

John Dickson: Friday Devotion

Ravi Zacharias & OS Guinness:Unlimited? The Challenge of Human Freedom

Speakers Q&A Thursday with John Njoroge, Cameron McAllister & Margaret Manning Shull

Abdu Murray: Responding to Atheism

Os Guinness: Fool’s Talk

John Dickson: Thursday Devotion

Jeff Allen: I Can Laugh About it Now

Stuart & Cameron McAllister: Family Testimony

Abdu Murray: Grand Central Station

John Njoroge: Beyond Right and Wrong: The Unpaid Bills of Godless Morality

Os Guinness: The Journey

John Dickson: Wednesday Devotion

Speakers Q&A Tuesday with Fuz Rana, Abdu Murray and Nathan Betts

John Njoroge: Did God Command Genocide?

Os Guinness: The Global Public Square

John Dickson: Tuesday Devotion

Fuz Rana: A Scientific and Biblical Reflection on Human Uniqueness and the Image of God

Andy Bannister: Technology and Humanity

Monday Speaker Q&A with Stuart McAllister, John Dickson & Os Guiness

Andy Bannister: What If I Don’t Need God?

Os Guinness: Impossible People

John Dickson: Monday Devotion

Stuart McAllister: What Does It Mean To Be Human?